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Welcome to the Page of the very attractive and beautifully muscled Bodybuilder and Fitness Model CHRISTINE ROCKS!

(all pictures are used by Christine's personal permission)



Something about CHRISTINE:


I'm brunette now, with either green or brown eyes, depending on my mood. 5'5", 145 pounds, 38-26-38, natural C-CUP BOOBS:) I have been training for 10 years. I stopped competing in 2001. I call myself somwhere between a fitness girl and a bodybuilder woman. I have created the look that I think is the BEST look but, it only is because I was blessed with one in a million genetics. I only do this because I build muscle naturally, A typical girl would not get this muscular. I have the natural woman steriod in my body more than most woman naturally. I was just born this way..But, I was very active all my life+strong without much effort. Now, I have changed my focus from female bodybuilding to a more mainstream audience. I went as far as I could go in contests being a natural female bodybuilder. I have always been natural and more into the health side than anything. When I saw that the judging standards were not going to go back to the 80's look which was more feminine and, (what inspired me to do this in the first place), I realized that I was in the wrong arena. I want to get on a much bigger stage that bodybuilding shows. Since, I performed for 4 years as something equivelant to a Solid Gold 80's TV Show. I am a very Showy person that loves to perform artistically to connect with the audience and make an impact on them. I know that one day I'll have a brand new stage to perform on...I call myself a Artist.


I have been doing posing/wrestling sessions for 8 years. I was on the road for 2 and a half years then settled in Atlanta 2 years ago. I have stopped traveling except for private day sessions with all expences paid. I still do sessions in the Atlanta area if you provide the place. Just e-male me to see me:) I think I am the most complete package around because I have the beauty+strength combo:) I also like to have a fun session and have a good time.


I have been working very hard on my fresh new site that I am about to launch very, very soon. I made fresh material over the summer out in Colorado with my movie man. I made a music video/dance/work-out movie clip for my member area plus more movie clips of me posing and getting very theatrical. The best part of the site is in the inside of it, the member section. There will be 100's of never seen before pics over the last 8 years or so. I will be promoting my independent film, "Highway Amazon", which won 4 awards so far and was nominated the top 10 independent films of 2002. It recently, played out in Denver at the "Starz Theater", over the summer. It just won another award for the films music in a music festival in the last few weeks. It is really exciting! I will have 4 more videos I've done all on DVD. It has been very slow going to finish the site because there will be so much to it. I keep adding more things to make it the best it can be, plus I am a perfectionist:) I think it will be the BEST SITE on the internet. I have been very hands on with the creative side of it. I wanted it to be like a Show on the internet and real simplistic and fun. Not, like a overly business or overly flashed site. I think this site is going to be legendary, meaning it will set a whole new standard in web sites that follow. I think it is the best site, past, present and future..You have to see to believe! It will be flash but more on the subtle side that I think is perfect. Also , it will have the BEST GRAPHICS you have ever seen. I have put my heart and soul into this site with passion. The site looks so good it should win an award. I know you will feel the same 2. I have made the site especially for you and I hope it inspires you to be all you can be in this life!!!


* Featured in Bill Dobbins book "Modern Amazons" 2002 , as Marilyn Monroe with muscles


Christines Stats


Height: 5'5"
Weight: 140 IBS.
Boobs: C-cup natural:)

Eyes: Brown
Shoe size: 7
Sign: Aquarius
Years training: 10


Christines Achievments

NPC 1995 NPC Virginia Classic Championships First Heavyweight/Overall Winner

NPC 1996 NPC Jan Tana Championships Womens Heavyweight

NPC 1996 NPC Bodyrock Championships Third Place Heavyweight

NPC 1996 NGA American Natural Bodybuilding Championships Fifth Place Heavyweight

NPC 1997 NGA American Natural Bodybuilding Championships Second Place Heavyweight

1999 MuscleMania

2000 Southwest USA's Texas NPC won woman's heavyweight 1st place
2000 Junior Nationals NPC woman's heavyweight 8th place
2000 USA's NPC Las Vegas woman's heavyweight 14th place
2001 Woman's Extravaganza NPC won woman's heavyweight 4th place


Christine Rocks Enterprizes
P.O. Box 72407
Marietta, GA 30007




CHRISTINE's Photo Gallery:


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© All Photos provided by Christine Rocks



Video clip:


Video clip (3.6 MB)

Video clip is taken by myself




Travel Info:


Hello Everyone,
I am back home in Atlanta and would love to see you for
a private fantasy/posing/wrestling session;)
Just call me at (cell) 512-294-4947 make sure to leave a mess.
I get tons of calls. or e-male me:
[email protected]



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Christine can be contacted by e-mail at:

[email protected]


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