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Welcome to the Page of the gorgeous, incredibly muscular and very attractive IFBB Professional Bodybuilder NIKKI FULLER!

(all pictures are used by Nikki's personal permission)



Some Info about NIKKI:


Professional bodybuilder, Wrestler, Actress and "L&C" Artist!


Height: 5 foot 9 inches


Contest weight: 174 lbs. @ 4% body fat Off season Weight: 192 lbs. @ 12% body fat


Contest History:
1988 Novice Oregon - !st pl. & Overall winner
1988 Emerald Cup - 3rd pl.
1989 Emerald Empire - 1st pl. & Overall
1989 Bill Pearl Classic - 1st pl. & Overall
1989 Rosecup 1st & Overall
1989 Pacific Coast Championships - 1st & Overall
1989 Emerald Cup - 1st & Overall
1989 Orange County Classic - 1st pl. & Overall
1990 USA - 2nd pl.
1990 North American - 2nd pl.
1990 Nationals - 2nd pl.
1990 World Amateur's - 3rd pl.
1991 Ms.Olympia - 11th pl.
1992 Jan Tana Pro Classic - 1st pl.& Overall
1993 Ms. Olympia - finalist- 7th pl.
1994 Ms. International 13th pl.
1995 Ms. International - finalist- 6th pl.
1996 Ms. International - 12th pl.


Many of you may know me best from the cover of the book entitled "The Women" photography of the top female bodybuilders and fitness models by photographer Bill Dobbins. Although, this may be the most illustrious achievement of my career, I believe it does not cover the range of success I had during my competition reign. I started training for bodybuilding on a dare! It was my lack of confidence and overwhelming shyness that caused me to become so determined to compete! I trained for 6-8 months and then hit a novice competition! The audience and judges gave me their review after the show and told me they loved my size and height! I even got praised that I looked alot like the young Ms. Everson in her early days of FBB. I was prodded to go for another show one week later in Seattle, the Emerald Cup championships! I placed just under two great champions for third place! This is where I met the great Steve Wennerstrom! He told me that I was a champion! WOW! I had no clue! He also arranged the meeting with Bill Jentz and all the people who work with Women's Physique World! I flew to New Jersey and had my first physique photo shoot! Later, that year I competed again and again in every show, to build my confidence and become better at my stage presence! In 1989 I soared through the regionals with really only one year of training! The next year, I ran through some difficulty, having two gyms open up that I was owner of, while I was gave way to huge distractions and I missed my peaks for the USA's and the North American. The Nationals gave me another chance to find my target and optimize my newly acquired muscle to show at my best condition! I was 143 lbs. and 6% body fat. This put me in the pro ranks but set me back because the two yeas of training I had was filled with competing! i needed to fill out in a "big" way! This became my obsession! I wanted not just to be big but to be as strong as any male BB in any gym! I picked the best training partners and matched their lifts. I think because my bone structure was lighter that made me focus on strict form! Eventually my strict form paid of and I excelled in strength to dominate any lifter in the gym- anywhere!


I stepped out of the sport when I saw the declining support from FBB officials. I saw the politics would hamper my ability to demonstrate positive qualities of my bodybuilding art! I thought I would expose t greater to turn to the entertainment markets! I landed three national commercials including a Super Bowl commercial for AT&T. I also had recognized parts on Arli$$, Ally McBeal, Just Shoot Me, Trading Places, Everybody Loves Raymond and many others. I felt, delighted to have notable actors revere me yet still unfulfilled! I needed to be part of an extremely physical and aggressive sport, so I entered a wrestling audition and landed a role on the show, "The Women of Wrestling"! It took off with great ratings, but the investors dashed and so it only lasted one season, but long enough to catch the attention of Vince Mac Mahon! I enrolled in his west coast training camp, and had pre-show tryout wrestling matches with the divas of WWE! It was so exciting to wrestle with the best but the lifestyle wasn't for me! I still continue to wrestle some of the shows locally on the Indies-circuit just for kicks! The power lifting, bodybuilding, acting, wrestling, boxing, and stunt training has now lead me to a new destination and goal! Now I am involved in the old genre of Lift and Carry feats! I find it a real test of my strength and agility! The challenge it presents has made it become almost addicting! In future months, please look for the updates to reflect my new sport interest! I will have many features of this kind and other strength-proving feats! I appreciate your interest and support! Thanks to all the fans who have sent their words of love and encouragement! I do this all for you!



Height: 5'9" 
Weight: 185 lbs to 195 lbs 
Biceps: 17 
Chest: 52" 
Waist: 27" 
Hips: 36"


Some of Nikki's Lifts


Bench: 275 lbs 10 reps 
Flat Dumbbell Press: 130 lbs for reps 
Incline Dumbbell Press: 110 lbs for reps 
Decline Dumbbell Press: 100 lbs for reps 
Dumbbell Fly's: 50 lbs for reps



Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 90 lbs for reps 
Barbell Press: 185 lbs for reps 
Dumbbell Side Laterals: 40 lbs for reps

Barbell Shrugs: 315 lbs. for reps 
Dumbbell Shoulder Shrugs: 140 lbs for reps


Barbell Rows: 315 lbs for reps 
One Arm Dumbbell Rows: 140 lbs for reps


Lying Barbell Extension: 135 lbs for reps 
Overhead One-Arm Dumbbell Extension: 50 lbs for reps 
Cable Triceps Pushdown: 120 lbs for reps 
Dips (45-lb Weight Belt): 20 reps


Barbell Curl: 135 lbs for reps 
Seated Dumbbell Curls: 45 lbs for reps 
One-Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl: 55 lbs for reps


Squats: 315 lbs for reps 
Leg Press: 1200 lbs for reps 
Hack Squats: 270 lbs for reps 
Leg Extensions: 200 lbs for reps


Barbell Dead Lifts: 315 lbs for reps 
Dumbbell Dead Lifts: 140 lbs for reps 
Standing Leg Curl: 200 lbs for reps


Standing Calf Raise: 500 lbs for reps 
Seated Calf Raise: 245 lbs.
Donkey Raise: 400 lbs for reps


Please note:

Nikki does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




NIKKI's Photo Gallery:


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Video clips:


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