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Welcome to the Page of the incredibly muscular and very attractive NPC National Level Bodybuilder & Strongwoman Competitor ELENA SEIPLE!

(all pictures are used by Elena's personal permission)



Some Info about ELENA:


When is your birthday? December 17th.

Where have you been born? Easton, PA

Have you done any other sports before you started lifting weights? I heard you have been a collegiate soccer star? Well lets start at the beginning . At the age of 7 I started to compete in swimming. I did that for 11 years 0 Played HS Soccer on the mens team; Played HS basketball..held many records for a long time, which I am sure someone has had to break since then. Played Division I Soccer for Liberty University-Defensive Player of the Year 1996 and was on scholarship. This is where I first began wieght training. After I started doing bodybuilding I got into Powerlifting and have done very well in there . I also started StrongWomen competitions and competed in the Worlds Strongwomen Championships in Poland. I have won several strongwoman contest and enjoy them so much as either you can do it or you cant. There is not opinion based winners.

When did you discover your love for lifting weights and what or who was your inspiration? I didn't really have anyone who was my inspiration. I just decided I wanted to do it one day after college. I had no more sports to play and compete in. When I was in college playing soccer I was always one of the strongest on the team and I had these I just decided to bodybuild.

What was your first goal when you started lifting weights? To compete in the NPC. Then after I did that in 1999, my next goal was to compete in the Nationals and place top 10. I did that my first try taking 2nd. My next goal was to win Nationals. That as we all know was a long road . The frustration was that I took 2nd my first nationals. And to go between 2, 3, and the occasional fourth aws frustrating as you felt as if you were not improving when If you go back and look at pics and compare, yes I improved each year but I just never was the best. I got alot of flack for doing powerlifting and strongwoman while bodybuilding. People blamed that on me not winning. But in reality , bodybuilding you have to do for the love it it, not for money or fame. So I pursued other things that I enjoyed during bodybuilding as win or lose in bodybuidling nothing changes in your life. Its just another trophy you add to the collection and life goes on .

Have you thought about competing in bodybuilding competitions right from the first time you entered a gym? Once college was over, Yes.

Which one was the first bodybuilding contest you have entered and how did you place? USNBA Wildwood Show...103 pounds Third Place.

Contest Bio
2008 Nationals - 1st Lightheavyweight (Pro Card)
2007 Nationals - 4th Lightheavyweight
2006 NPC Nationals - 2nd Lightheavyweight
2006 NPC Nationals-3rd Lightheavyweight
2006 NPC Eastern USA-1st and Overall LightHeavyweight
2006 USA Strongman Nationals -2nd Place Heavyweights
2006 World Strongman Championships
2006 Hudson Valley Strongman Championships - 1st Heavy
2006 Central Jersey Strongman Championships- 1st Heavy
2006 Stronger than All - 2nd Heavy
2005 NPC USA - 2nd Lightheavyweight
2004 NPC Nationals 2nd Lightheavyweights
2004 APA Powerlifting- 1st (1255 total) and Best Lifter
2003 NPC USA-3rd Middlweight
2002 NPC Nationals-4th Middlweight
2001 NPC Nationals-3rd Lightweight
2000 NPC Nationals-2nd Lightweight
2000 NPC East Coast- 1st and Overall Lightweight
1999 NPC Eastern USA- 1st and Overall Middleweight
1999 NPC East Coast-2nd Middleweight
1999-NPC Womens Extraveganza- 2nd Middlweight
1998- USNBA Mid Atlantic-1st and Overall Lightweight
1997-USNBA Mid Atlantic-2nd Lightweight
1997-USNBA Wildwood- 3rd Lightweight

Which contest was the most important one for you yet? 2000 Nationals. It was my first national show. And I went into it with no expectations. It was the greatest moment in my bb career to take 2nd out of the gate!

If you don't mind, please tell me what are your best lifts in the gym.
Squat 500
Leg Press 1000
Dumbell Curls 60 pounds each arm
Curl 130
Bench 315
Dead lift 475
Strongman: Deadlifted 315 for 23 reps in a minute
Strongman: did a 500 pound frame carry
Strongman: flipped 700 pound tire
Strongman : 425 19" deadlift 42 times in a minute
Strongman : Log Press 220
Strongman: Stones 285
Strongman: Yoke walk 504
Strongman; Shield Carry 250
Strongman : Overhead 2 1/2" single arm clean and overhead dumbell press ( thats a FAT handle so grip is the challenge) 80lbs

How often do you train and what is your training routine? I train 6 days a week off season and 6-7 days precontest.
Tues-Hams and calves
Wed- Chest and light shoulders

Would you please also tell me some stats and body measurements? No clue all I care is how I look to you . If you think, for example, my biceps are 16" so be it:) If you think they look 15...does it really matter? As long as its all in proportion. Its not about biggest ...its about what is best fit on your body.

What is your best body part in your opinion? Biceps and Back

What is your favorite exercise in the gym and which one you don't like? I I love back and pull-ups and DEADLIFTS . I love squatting heavy. But I hate high reps for squats. NO NO! But I do it. Legs are my biggest challenge to grow. Between genetics, and three knee surgeries the cards are stacked against my legs. The nerve damage in the knees doesn't allow sometimes the message from the brain to GROW to happen. They are strong however, they just don't carry the muscularity of my upper body.

What are you doing when you don't train or compete (Your profession, hobbies, etc.) I am the Computer Operations Manager for a Managed Services Company in Atlanta as well as in Davenport Iowa. I play in an orchestra (clarinet) and I am in school for my MBA. My boyfriend is in the Navy , so between job, training, and extracirricular activies I don't have much time for anything else.

What do you think about todays judging criteria? I think that like the times change, so has the judging. I train do give the judges what they want . I want to win so I train to win and to put the components together to do that. I want to give them what they are looking for. Its hard for people to follow what the judges are looking for but you just have to play the game and understand that to win you have to give them what they want.

And who do you think does represent Female Bodybuilding at the best today? Thats a tough question.I love Iris , yet I also love Cathy Lee Francois...two opposite ends of the spectrum. I believe the women that are stepping on the stage each deserve recognition just for their accomplishments. I am honored to now be finally a Professional Bodybuilder and can now compete against the best.



Please note:
Elena does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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