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Welcome to the Page of the very muscular and beautiful Canadian IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Boxer DONNA LOGUE!

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Finally!!  One year late but at last the first fight is done. It was a unanimous decision in my favor.  Last year I was scheduled to fight in the same event, the Roadhouse Rumble VII but an opponent could not be located in time for me to compete.  This year, with a mere 8 weeks to prepare, I finally fought.  It was sketchy right to the last moment as 2 competitors dropped out along the way.  The girl that I did fight was given 2 weeks notice to prepare.  She was in training but was hoping for her first fight in the spring.  Jen weighed in at 222 lbs, 50 lbs heavier than myself, but I was determined to have this fight under my belt no matter what the opponent weighed!  She showed amazing athletic ability for her size.  I was sure she was going down in the first round but she had amazing heart and will to fight.  She took blow after blow and shockingly went the full distance.  Next time round I am hoping to fight someone closer to my weight!  I am looking forward to the next opponent sometime in the spring


Donna Logue

I.F.B.B. Pro Bodybuilder


Being competitive in many sports has always been part of my life. As a youth I played volleyball, ran track and field and pitched a wicked softball. Aerobics and bodybuilding was a natural progression as the teen years were left behind.


I loved being strong and lifting weights helped me feel confident and powerful. Slowly a physique started to develop that gave me an itch to try competitive bodybuilding. My husband and myself, at that time owned a fitness center and had helped other athletes to compete. I convinced him that we both should try competing ourselves. In 1990 we both stepped on stage, the beginning of the competitive bodybuilding bug!! I have competed from 1990 until 2001 with my highest placing at a pro level being 7th at the Women’s Extravaganza in New York. In 2001 I had an accident tearing off my bicep 5 weeks before the Jan Tana. Surgery reattached the bicep with an estimated recovery in a cast being 10 weeks. I was determined not to lose the whole season and managed to compete 7 weeks after surgery, not at my best by any means, missing only 3 workouts. It’s amazing the exercises that can be performed with a straight casted arm!! My contract obligations for 2 guest posings were fulfilled for the year and even though a career threatening injury occurred, I ended 2001 on a very positive note.


2002 was a new beginning for me. At the beginning of 2001, I decided that I wanted to box professionally. I hired a professional boxer, Bennie the Jet Swanson to personally train me. My bicep rupture was actually the result of a sparring mishap, not a lifting accident. In June my tear occurred and by November 2001 I was full swing in the boxing gym again.


In October of 2002 my first fight was scheduled. I trained diligently for the year in anticipation. A few weeks before the scheduled event I was told that an opponent equal in weight could not be found, so my match was cancelled. It was a very disappointing turn of events after training so hard. This led to my decision to compete at the Night of Champions May of 2003. Boxing took a backdoor to my bodybuilding training. Today once again back in the boxing gym, I am scheduled November 1st, 2003 for another match. An opponent has been found and I am gearing up for a good fight. My only hope is that it will go off as planned!


It has been a very rewarding business year. My husband and myself and two other partners are in the process of building another gym after 10 years of being out of the gym business. Elite Muscle and Fitness is scheduled to open its doors late in September of this year. It will have top of the line equipment, pro shop and restaurant specializing in healthy food. We will be able to accommodate athletes during their dieting stages of competition.


We are also in the process of writing a book with one of our success weight loss clients and starting a weight loss website. Information about the program can be found at currently under construction.


I look forward to an interesting 2004.


Body Weight – 170 lbs, 7% body fat 
Height – 5’4”’
Contracted Athlete – PVL Nutrients
Personal trainer/professional bodybuilder/boxer




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