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Welcome to the Page of the very beautiful, attractive & muscular Bodybuilder/Figure Competitor APRIL KOHLER!

(all pictures are used by April's personal permission)



Some Info about APRIL:


I was born is a very small town (Utica NY), I moved down to Florida when I was 6 and have been down here ever since.  I currently reside in Tampa Florida and work for a college which I also attend. I will soon be a web-designer and will be able to create some really intense web sites for all of you fitness wonders out there.


I was always a big girl and was somewhat active, even though I do have to admit that I was a big band nerd all through school and loved it.(I played the flute) After high school I joined the military as a rescue swimmer, that helped out a lot, played a little football as a middle linebacker for a female football team in Tampa and then decided to get into bodybuilding.  I think it is one of the hardest things I have ever done, its so disciplined but thats what makes it so addictive to me, I have recently done figure and that was a lot of fun too. The hardest thing for me is my diet, I am a big girl to begin with so I have to train like crazy and stay really strict with my diet and it can be very tiring some times.  I have a very busy schedule and a typical day for me is rise around 5:30am head for the gym do 45 minutes of cardio and stretch, head home to get ready for work, work from 9a6p, I take a long lunch and head back to the gym for whatever muscle I am doing for that day. Have class from 6p-11p, then its back home for some rest and recovery. I do cardio 6-7days a week, and lift 5 days a week. When I am training for a competition I add additional 40 minute session of cardio 6 days a week and really watch what I consume.


I am still pretty new to the whole competing scene. I have competed three times, one bodybuilding, one fiqure, and one strenth and physique show. I can't tell you which one I like the best because they are all very unique to their own.  I have really had to work hard on my upper body and I think my shoulders are my favorite body part.  I plan to do two shows this year, one in Canada (FVF 2003) and one here in Florida (probably figure) I am currently working on developing a business with some really talented people. It is really in the beginning stages but it will have to do with photography/make-up/studio/personal training/modeling, and hopefully a lot of traveling.


Thank you Andy and all of you wonderful people out there for supporting me and keeping me motivated to continue my journey.


Love April




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