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"The Best Place For Female Bodybuilder Video Downloads"

Female Bodybuilders, Muscle Women and Fitness Models Posing, Training, Competing and Interviewed

Providing You The Very Best Female Bodybuilder Videos!
This web site consists of very exciting real female bodybuilders, female weightlifters and other champion female athletes.

There are two distinct types of WPW videos- 'posing videos' where the woman poses in several outfits (bikinis, leotards, dresses, etc), works out in the gym and is interviewed. The other videos are contest videos, and include regional and national amateur bodybuilding and fitness contests, pro bodybuilding and fitness contests and strength contests.


MUSCLEVILLE2 Sample Gallery:

Strongest Gymwork  Fitness & Strength Championships  Extravaganza Strength Show  Nationals Bodybuilding Contest

Extravaganza Strength Show  US Championships Backstage  Most Awesome Female Exhibition  Jan Tana Pro

NPC Nationals  Ms. Olympia  Jan Tana Pro  Jan Tana Pro Fitness


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