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Welcome to the Page of the beatutiful and great muscled CNBF Pro Bodybuilder CARLENE MARSHALL!

(all pictures are used by Carlene's personal permission)



Some Info about CARLENE:


Where and when were you born? 
Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba on November 14, 1971 (Scorpio)


Where do you live now?
I live in Surrey, British Columbia


What is your profession?
Retail sales for an international health food/supplement company. Also do fitness modelling/extras acting/promotions


What kind of activities/sports did you do before you started lifting weights?
I was a competitive swimmer as a child and held several cut-off times in Ontario! I was not much of a team player, more competitive about beating my own scores/times.


How and when did you get involved into lifting weights?
Throughout my childhood my Dad owned gyms and health food stores and always had muscle-type magazines around. I grew up with Dorian, Lenda, Arnold, Bob, Nasser, Cory and all the greats of bodybuilding. I married very young and had three children (a boy and twin girls) by 21 so my life was work and kids and not much else. In 1997 we moved to BC and I did not have to work anymore and now had opportunity to go to the gym. I was motivated by some of the bodybuilders there and started to lift in earnest to build a body such as the role models of my youth.


Was it a goal for you to compete in bodybuilding competitions right from the beginning or was it something that grew in your mind as time went on and you saw the progress in your body?

About 6 months into being serious about muscle I learned of a competition that several people from the gym were entering and I decided to compete just to be able to say that I had done so. I had not intended on this being such a central part of my life at the time but it's addictive!


What was your first competition and how did you place?
My first competition was the CNBF naturals in Surrey and I placed 2nd, I was thrilled!


And which contest has been the biggest success for you yet? 
After I won my pro card I learned that I had to compete at a pro show within 6 months to hold my standing, I was a little shocked and felt unprepared to compete at this level but gave it my best shot. This would be my 4th show in 11 months and I was a little tired of dieting. I travelled to New York by myself, not knowing anyone and scared out of my wits. The ladies that I had admired and looked up to in the magazines were now to be standing beside me onstage! I placed 4th out of 11 that night and was ecstatic - up to that point there had not been a Canadian woman to take a top 5 spot!


Could you please add a history of all contests that you have entered so far? 
2002 - WNBF Worlds, 10th lightweight
2001 - WNBF Internationals, 4th lightweight
2000 - CNBF Pro Qualifier, 1st lightweight, overall Canadian, best poser
1999 - INBF, 2nd lightweight
1999 - CNBF, 3rd lightweight
1998 - CNBF, 2nd lightweight


Please describe a typical day in the life of Carlene Marshall.
Wow, typical day for me...well, my kids get me up about 730 to get them breakfast and get ready for school. After they're off for the day if I'm working I get ready for work, if not then go to the tanning salon for my twice weekly sun bake then off to the gym to train and do and hour of cardio. I love second hand stores and so I go poke around in them often. Early afternoon I usually do housework and cook food for the next couple of days, get dinner going, assist kids with homework, make them lunches for the next day. After dinner, sometimes back to the gym, bath kids, more housework, some computer time, phone calls to family and friends. After the kids go to bed I'm either on the computer or relaxing in front of the tube. Kinda boring but I'm always busy, the only time I sit is in front of the computer or zoning in front of the TV!


Please tell me something about your daily training routine.
I like to hit one big muscle and a small one per session so it goes something like - back and calves, shoulders and abs, bis and tris, quads in morning, hams in evening. I really try and focus on form and keep my ego out of it to build nice symmetry. I usually do 3 working set and 4-6 excercises per bodypart of 8-12 reps per set. I do 45 min to 1 hr of cardio after each training session.


How often do you train in a week?
I usually train 4-5 days a week


What are the main differences when you train for a competition and in off-season?
When I'm training for a competition I am rigid about going to the gym twice a day. I drop the weight a little bit getting closer to the show and rep out the last set of each excercise. I train heavy and big body parts in the morning followed by 45 min of cardio and abs, calves, lower back, traps and more cardio in the evening. I also throw in more stuff like lunges, cable work, plie squats and wall sitting.


If you don't mind would you give me some stats (best lifts and some body measurements)? 
I got up to 128 lbs off season in 2002 and was training very heavy and had some fantastic lifts then such as:
squat - 235, dead 325, wide grip pull down 170, incline press 55's, leg press 605, bi curls 30's, flat bench 135
my measurements are: shoulders 33" around, chest 38", bi's 12 1/2, quads 21", calves 13"

Off season weight 120-125, Contest 112


Which bodypart is your best in your opinion?
My shoulders for sure, I guess because of swimming they've always been wide (my back too) and they grow very easily. I have to back off training front and mid and just work rear delts sometimes because they'll get big alot faster then anything else.


What is your favorite exercise in the gym and which one you don't like so much?
I've really gotten into triceps lately and love reverse grip tri pull downs - I really burn on these!


Judging in Women's Bodybuilding has always been criticised in one or the other way. But please tell me your honest thoughts about today's judging in Women's Bodybuilding.
I thnk messages get so mixed as to what judges are looking for, you don't know if they want bulk or ripped, if breast implants are out or in, if you're still 'feminine' or not.The definition of feminine is so subjective and seems to vary from show to show, judge to judge . The money in the pro ranks is so much less than the men's and that is very unfair - we work just as hard and go through more because of the femiminity issues, inner turmoil, dealing with day to day life with the stares and comments as well as the havoc wreaked on our hormones and endocrine system. We sacrifice alot to our passion and don't get the recognition that we deserve. The sponsorships, endorsements and contracts that accompany wins at the big competitions are usually awarded to the men. Generally it's a frustrating arena to be in at any level of competition.


Pease tell me about what else you are doing when you don't work out (profession, hobbies)
I love second hand stores, beaches, puzzles, movies, plants (the indoor type), being photographed (smile)


What are your future plans for 2004/2005? 
I plan to further the fitness modelling this year. I am also competing in figure in fall 2004 due to a severe wrist injury/surgery hindering heavy lifts right now. For 2005 I want to be big, cut and on stage at the worlds again winning the title!


Please note:

I do not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!


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