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Welcome to the REPETROPE Video Page. We have thousands of images from dozens of videos now available for purchase online. These include comprehensive and exclusive video coverage from competitions such as the 2005 NPC National Championships, the 2005 NPC USA Championships, the 2005 NPC Junior National Championships, the 2005 NPC Junior USA Championships, 2002 NPC National Championships, the 2002 NPC USA Championships, the 2001 NPC Junior National Championships and the 2001 NPC Junior USA Championships and more.


REPETROPE Sample Gallery:

Angela Rayburn  Robyn Mentgen  Lisa Aranda  Lisa Aranda

Amber DeFrancesco  Amber DeFrancesco  Amber DeFrancesco  Angelita Mcghee

Justine Dohring  Deanna Harvick  Andrea Wanek  Kira Neuman


© All photos are courtesy of Repetrope Videos

Photos above are from the "2008 NPC Jr. Nationals Bodybuilding Finals" Video.

Please check out the Repetrope Website for more info



Sample Video Clips:


NPC Nationals 2007 - Backstage Posing (6.6 MB)  NPC Nationals 2007 - Pump Room (5.4 MB)

© Video clip on the left is from 2007 NPC Nationals - Backstage Posing

© Video clip on the righ is from 2007 NPC Nationals - Pump Room Video I



Please find many more photos and video clips on the REPETROPE website



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