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Welcome to the Profile Page of the very attractive, beautiful and very muscular IFBB Professional Bodybuilder ANGELA SALVAGNO!

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Some Info about ANGELA:


I was born in Willows California, but I grew up in the little town of Orland. I currently live in Chico California where I work for UPS as a sorter. I also work for Costco's Bakery Department. I am eventually going to move to Florida with my boyfriend and pursue a career in Law Enforcement.


Before I got into bodybuilding I use to love playing baseball. I started in Little League at the age of 8 and then went on to Major leagues playing until I was 13. After that I had to play women's softball and it just wasn't the same. I love hardball. I also started Tae kwon do at the age of 10. I got my black belt when I was 13. It became to stressful for me because they wanted me to teach classes and at that time I couldn't handle that kind of responsibility. I do regret it now.


I got into bodybuilding when I was 16. My brother use to workout a lot and I admired him. He made such a transformation that it got me wanting to try it. Since then I haven't stopped and now I am way bigger then he is.


I always wanted to compete, but just didn't know how. About seven years later, I met a competitive bodybuilder and he helped me out with my first show. My first show was the Contra Costa in 99. I placed 2nd as a middle weight. It was so fun and I just loved that lean hard look that I compete regularly now.


The show that I feel was my best success was the 2002 Nationals. I came in the best shape that I have ever been in as a Middle weight. I followed a totally different diet approach that my boyfriend (Joe Mesa) made for me. He is incredible when it comes to competition prep.


Here is a list of competitions and placings:


1999 Contra Costa Middle Weight 2nd (130pds)
1999 Sacramento Heavy Weight 1st and Overall (134pds)
2000 Contra Costa Heavy Weight 2nd (138pds)
2000 California Heavy Weight 2nd (144pds)
2001 USA Middle Weight 5th (131pds)
2001 Nationals Heavy Weight 16th (144pds)
2001 Ironman Heavy Weight 1st and Overall (144pds)
2002 Nationals Middle Weight 6th (131pds)

2003 Nationals Middle Weight 8th Place

2004 Nationals Light Heavyweight 9th Place

2005 USA  Light Heavyweights 3rd Place

2006 USA Light Heavyweights 1st Place

2006 Nationals Light Heavyweight 4th Place

2007 USA Light Heavyweights 1st Place

2009 USA Light Heavyweights 1st Place (Pro card)


My life is pretty hectic. I am a very busy person. I get up every morning M-F at 4 a.m. to work at UPS. I get home from that job at 9 a.m. then I get ready to go to my other job at 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. I then go home eat get ready and go to the gym where I train from 8:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Then I go home, eat, sleep a few hours and then get ready to do it again. I don't do this everyday, but it's like this 4 times a week. I do get Sundays off from both jobs which I usually sleep all day. The other days I just work one of my two jobs.


When I train, I try to make it quick. I usually train a body part a day, six days a week. An example of my training routine would be:
Monday Chest 
Tuesday Quads/Calves
Wednesday Back
Thursday Off 
Friday Bi's and Tri's
Saturday Ham's/Calves
Sunday Shoulders 
Abs every other day.
Cardio 20-30 minutes a day


When I am getting ready for a competition I don't train any differently. I keep my training the same, but I up my cardio a bit. I eat pretty clean all year around so I keep a real lean look.


I would say my best body part is my shoulders. I have very wide shoulder with nice caps. I also love my legs. I can get them pretty lean for my competitions. They stay very separated all year long.


I would say my favorite exercise is dumbbell shoulder press, but I almost love any exercise that has to do with training the shoulder area. I guess that is why it is my better body part.


My least favorite exercise is squats. I hate them. It use to be my favorite exercise, but over the years my knees are not like they use to be. I have a lot of problems with them. Squats are definitely hard on the knees.


Women's Bodybuilding gives you a chance to improve your physique to your satisfaction, and that you are able to control how you look. The only problem that I see is the inconsistency of the judging criteria.


When I am not working or working out. I love to pamper myself. I get daily facials and Microdermalabrasions. I love to keep my skin soft and clear. Competing really dries your skin out so I make it a priority to keep my skin looking its best. I also love going to the movies where I can kick back, eat popcorn and relax. Most of my time off from my jobs is spent on just relaxing. I love it.



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