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(all pictures are used by Annie Lynn's personal permission)


Some Infos about ANNIE LYNN:




Annie Lynn Klepacki is a competitive heavyweight bodybuilder out of Wilmington, DE USA.  She has been training for 4 years , and has competed for 2 years.  Her contest placings are as follows:


'97  NPC  Women's Extravaganza --  3rd HW
'97  NPC  New York City -- 3rd HW


'98  NABBA  Keystone Classic -- 1st HW
'98  NPC  NY Grand Prix -- 1st HW & Overall  (National Qualifier)
'98  NPC  Lehigh Valley --  1st HW


'99  Annie Lynn took year off to put more size on her symmetrical 5'9" frame.


2001 NPC Jan Tana 2nd place HW


Annie plans on doing the Nationals in 2002


Annie Lynn currently pursuing her RN degree .  Her long term goal is to be a Surgical Nurse, and specialize in Endocrinology.  She changed her career path (was working on her  master's in education), but after student-teaching, decided she needed a different type of challenge. Yes, this beautiful bodybuilder also has the brains for the sciences.  What a combination of beauty, brains, and brawn!


Annie co-hosts a cable bodybuilding, fitness, sports show titled "Muscle/Fitness Forum"  along w/ Bruce Thompson--another big name in this sport).  She also is advertising & marketing director of the show.  Currently the tv show only airs in DE & certain parts of NJ, PA, & MD.  However, with Comcast taking over studio productions,  they hope to expand into bigger market affiliations.


Annie Lynn's time is yet to come.  Quite a "youngin" in the sport she has the superior genetic potential for quality size even on her tall 5'9" frame.  She comes from a family where her brother, uncle, and father all played Division I football on full scholarships as defensive tackles!  She was also an athlete.. loving baseball, softball, and basketball, and has not gotten that competitive drive out of her system!  "I'm a cross-section of my entire family...  I get the athleticism and competitiveness from the men in my family.  From my 2 older sisters and mother, I learned all the hair, makeup, clothes type of 'girl' things.  My sisters and mother are also driven in what they do, but they don't understand the 'muscle thing' that much.. but they support it.  I guess you can say that I took all the 'positives' and picked out the characteristics I wanted to emulate in each of them.  We're all very close.. what else would you expect from an Italian/Polish family?"

Annie Lynn has been featured in Flex Magazine & WPW.




height-- 5'9"
weight -- pre-contest (this year 2k) -- 175 lbs    off- season 195 lbs
hair -- long brown/blonde
eyes -- brown


Incline Bench-- 245 lbs
Squat-- 425 lbs
Leg Press-- 800 lbs
Curl-- 65 lbs
DB Row-- 125 lbs




Favorite female bodybuilder: 
Cory Everson


Favorite type food:
Italian (of course)


Favorite Sport:             Favorite Teams:
Baseball and Football           Baseball--  NY Mets!     Football-- Eagles


Annie is available for health/fitness promotions and modeling


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