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Welcome to the Gallery of extremely strong and enormous muscular Strongwoman and Wrestler CHRISTINA PRINN!

(all pics are used by Christina's personal permission)




Something about CHRISTINA:


I have had a very blessed life. My Higher Power has granted me the opportunity to to have a healthy body and to exhibit my talents as a bodybuilder, pro-wrestler, powerlifter. Above these gifts I value most God, and the wonderful people that have given me the encouragement and Spiritual strength to be a compassionate and loving friend, personal trainer and foremost wife.


May your Higher Power bless you, shine on you and grant you Serenity


Here are some of my stats and my best lifts to date, also I am working on establishing higher personal lifts in the new year.


tri cable pushdowns 250-300 lbs x 6 
seated calf raise stack on knees 900 x 10-12 
wrist curls 225 x 8-10 
dumbbell row 200 x 6 
dumbbell shoulder press 120 x 2 
dumbbell benchpress 170 x 2 
lat pulldown 300 x 3 
dumbbell single front raise 100 x 10 
lateral raise 70 
barbell rows 315 
dumbbell pullovers 150 
upright rows 150 
shrugs 800 
weighted dips 200 
dumbbell french press 200 
shoulder press 315 
dumbbell concentration curl 100 
preacher curls 225 
close grip bench 400 
bench press 425 and half press 500+ 
legpress 1800 
squat 500 could have aimed higher if not for being hit by a car I should have some of the training photos up before the end of the month. My weight ranges from 185 lbs to 220 lbs, depending on the season and the type of show I will be performing in. At 5'7" my muscle size at that body weight is carried much to my surprise with ease.


Born on October 1st, 1964 in Canada. I started lifting weights at age 9 with my big brother, but stopped at 13 at the urging of my mother. She was concerned that lifting may hurt my growing body. When I turned 17 I joined a local gym in Toronto, known for hardcore weight training and professional wrestling. It was called Mack's Gym. Within six months of training, I sprang from 135 lbs to 185 lbs, entering all types of shows and interviewed by different television shows. At the advice of the gym owner Mack Miya, I joined the wrestling school and in time became the trainer.


This wonderful sport has awarded me the opportunity to tour New Zealand, Japan, the United States and of course, my home country of Canada. The best prize I was awarded was the meeting of a wonderful training partner and now husband New Zealand's golden boy Wayne Prinn.


So many fans of the sport have kept me motivated to keep striving to better myself in lifting and wrestling that I want to thank you all, and may you be as happy as I am in your endevour.


If you had the chance to do it all again would you? I know I would.


Gratefully Yours
Christina Dutkowski Prinn




CHRISTINA's Photo Gallery:


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