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Welcome to the Gallery of the very beautiful and muscular IFBB Pro Bodybuilder ERICCA KERN!

(all pictures are used by Ericca's personal permission)



Something about ERICCA:


Name:  Ericca Kern

Height:  5'7"

Born:  6/18/65

Weight:  135-145 lbs

Marital Status:  Divorced

Eyes:  Blue

Hair:  Blonde

Hobbies: Drawing, reading

Favorite Exercise: Squats

Least Favorite Exercise: Pull-Ups

Favorite food:  Steak

Favorite foods I do eat:  Anything! After dieting for so many years I refuse to diet any more!



University of Minnesota Duluth

B.A.A.  Exercise Physiology

B.A.A. Nutrition



Currently employed by Rexall Sundown as the Brand Manager for Worldwide Sport Nutrition

Started working in the industry in 1995 with Champion Nutrition.



I was lucky enough to discover bodybuilding when I was a 19 year old sophomore at the University of Minnesota Duluth.  Years of high school basketball, track and cross country had given me a base for training. To me, the gym was an escape from an abusive relationship and the first time in my life that I felt I found something at which I could excel.


My dreams of bodybuilding were put on hold temporarily in 1987 as I married for the first time, graduated from UMD and gave birth to my daughter Jessica.


I started training for competition again in 1992.  I competed at a local level  (I love the Gopher State) and after two competitions decided to try my hand at a national level show. It was unheard of for a local competitor to try out for anything beyond a state level show but with the support of my husband I attempted the Jr. USA in Chicago in 1994 and never had a chance to look back.


Steve Wennerstrom will forever be the main reason for my continued efforts in bodybuilding. He was the first one to approach me about a photo shoot, he was a constant at every show, always there to offer his guidance and support. He was also the one that gave me pointers on becoming a pro and it was his advice that I followed on everything from the color of suit I wore, to what areas to bring up for the next show, to how to apply make-up for the stage lighting.


I was fortunate enough to find work with Champion Nutrition where I was accepted as family and discovered a love not just of competing, but of the industry that surrounds our sport. I since have turned my connections and everything that I’ve learned into a career that I love.


The people that I’ve met, the fans and the sense of community that comes from the other athletes, the judges and the surrounding industry has given me a home no matter where I go. My life continues to change, I live in Florida with my daughter and am going through another divorce but life has never been better. I will always be thankful for the people in and surrounding our sport.


Competitive Record

  • 1998 Ms. International Results, 13th

  • 1997 Ms. International Results, 14th

  • 1996 Ms. International Results,15th

  • 1995 North American, 1st Heavyweight and Overall Champ

  • 1995 USA, 4th Heavyweight

  • 1994 NPC Nationals, 5th Heavyweight

  • 1994 Jr. USA, 1st Heavyweight

  • 1992 Minnesota State, 1st Heavyweight

  • 1992 Gopher State, 1st Heavyweight and Overall Champ

Contact Information

Ericca Kern

PO Box 812187

Boca Raton, FL 33481-2187


Email: [email protected]


ERICCA'S Photo Gallery:

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