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Welcome to the Page of the very beautiful and muscular Strongwoman JULIE HAVELKA!

(all pictures are used by Julie's personal permission)



Some Info about JULIE:


Hello, my name is Julie Havelka.  I am 27 years old.  I compete in strongwoman contests because I love the outdoor training and I love the mental and physical challenge of the workouts.  I have competed in powerlifting since 1996, but I focus mainly on the strongwoman training now.  The training combines a lot of gym training with weights, as well as outdoor training such pulling trucks, flipping giant tires and carrying large rocks.  There is a lot of variety to the training, which makes it a lot of fun.

My trainer and boyfriend is Tod Becraft, who also trains the strongman events.  He has trained me for every contest and I owe a lot of my success to him.  I am currently in school, obtaining my master's degree in Civil Engineering.  I love science and math, so I found the right career in engineering.

My goals in the weight training include continued focus on the strongwoman event training.  I have always been interested in physique as well.  The weight training combined with the outdoor strength event training seems to be the best way for me to increase my strength and muscle.  I also enjoy the traveling that comes with the competing.  I hope to be able to travel more in the future for the competitions, as well as continue to meet other athletes in the sport.


Here is a list of all meets Julie has competed in:


1996  Oregon State Powerlifting Championships 
355 squat  215 benchpress  350 deadlift  865 total


1997  USPF Benchpress Nationals 
225 benchpress


1997  Oregon State and Regional Powerlifting Championships
402 squat  236 benchpress


1997  Oregon Outlaw Benchpress Championships
260  benchpress


1997  Oregon Outlaw Deadlift Meet
430  deadlift


1998  APF Rumble in the Pit Powerlifting Championships
420 squat  260 benchpress  405 deadlift  1040 total


1998  APF Senior National Powerlifting Championships
435 squat  259 benchpress  413 deadlift  1102 total


1999  APF Oregon Record Breakers Powerlifting Championships
450 squat  300 benchpress  425 deadlift  1145 total


1999  APF Senior National Powerlifting Championships
474 squat  292 benchpress  435 deadlift  1201 total


1999  APF Snake River Power and Benchpress Meet
308.5 benchpress


Strongest Woman in the Northwest 2000


APF Rage for Records Benchpress and Deadlift contest
March 24th, 2001
413 lb deadlift at 161 bdwt
1st place benchpress 1/2 bdwt for reps contest with 66 reps


2001 Beauty and the Beast World Strongman/Strongwoman Challenge
June 2nd, 2001
1st Place


2001 Gold's Gym Northwest Strongwoman Contest
July 14th, 2001
1st Place


2001 Northwest Rolling Thunder Championships
September 15th, 2001
1st Place Women's Open
105 lb lift




JULIE'S Photo Gallery:


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You can contact Julie by e-mail at:

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