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Welcome to the Gallery of the very beautiful and muscular IFBB Pro Bodybuilder MARY ELLEN DOSS!

(all pictures are used by Mary Ellen's personal permission)




Something about MARY ELLEN:


I started lifting when I was in college and did one show and got hooked.  Luckily, right from the beginning I had guy friends who knew the sport well and so I always had pretty good guidance from the start.  I took some time off after college (from competing) then got back into it in the early 90's and always seemed to remain in the top 3-5.  My shape is what got me my top placings but my hardness still needed some improving.


My national level placings started out as 4th place Jr. Nationals in '92; 2nd place Jr. Nationals in '93 then 3rd place USA in '93; went to Nationals in '94 as a middleweight and didn't place in the top 5 (stupid decision on my part); but then finally won Jr. Nationals Lightweight in '95. I then went back to Nationals in '96 as a Lightweight but did not place there.  That is when the trend for the more hard and muscular look started and my physique did not fall into that category and so I made the decision then to walk away from competing for awhile.  Plus, I went back to school for my masters so I had something else that I needed to devote my time and attention to.


Four years later and living in Wilmington, NC (not Northern Virginia anymore) the owner of my gym and also North Carolina NPC chairman suggested that I try competing again due to the change in the look that they were going for, so I decided to see if I could give it another go.


I made the right decision because I ended up winning the Jan Tana overall in 2000 and went on to win the lightweight class at the USA two weeks later.  Then from there a year later I won the lightweight class at Nationals in Atlanta 2001!!  My first pro show was back at the Jan Tana where I placed fourth and I am extremely happy  over that.  I just wanted to make top 5 so I achieved my goal there.  I am looking forward to entering more pro shows to test out more new waters!!!




MARY ELLEN's Photo Gallery:


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