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Welcome to the Gallery of Austrian Bodybuilder MONIKA VOLB!

(All pictures are used by Monika's personal permission)




MONICA'S Biography:


Age: 36, Mother of a 12 years old son (my biggest fan!)
Weight: Contest - 52 kg (115lbs); offseason - 58 kg (128 lbs.)
Height: 158 cm (5-2')
Hair color: red (it's real!)
I live with my trainer Stefan (he showed me Bodybuilding!)
Profession: Secretary in a big electronic concern
Hobbies: Reading, skiing, my family, besides Bodybuilding I don't have much time for other things!
Favorite food: Profiterole (Italian food)
My favorite pet: my dog Picasso
My favorite country for Holiday: Kaernten in Austria (with friends), Italy
My rule models: Lenda Murray, and my friend Beate Draebing
Training :
Favorite training: Biceps and shoulder
Measurements (contest shape):
Biceps: 32,5 cm (13") Shoulders: 106 cm (42")
Chest: 96 cm (38") Waist: 59 cm (23")

Contest history:
Austrian State Champion 1996 u. 1998
7. at the European Championship 1998
4. at the European Championship 1999
Coming soon: Austrian State Championship 1999



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