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Nikki   Fuller’s   Biography


I was born in the town of Dayton ,Ohio.  I lived there until I was 13 years old. My father was an electronics engineer and my mother was a grade school teacher.  Both of my parents were graduates of Ohio state university.  My parents loved to explore and go camping in the Great Lakes area to Kentucky and Virginia.  Our family would go on camping outings quite often into the most remote parts of the country to enjoy and experience nature in its undisturbed beauty.  Hiking, boating, and canoeing were some of our favorite activities.


My family relocated to the northwest states of Oregon and Washington.   I lived in Gresham, Oregon, which is a smaller city east of Portland. Oregon is a great place to live if you like to go skiing.  Portland is still my home away from home.   I now reside in Los Angeles, Ca.


I was always into sports from the time I was seven years old.  I went to an Olympic sized pool  (50 x 100 yards) every day of my summer vacation and became an avid swimmer.   I was on the city league swim team and competed for the city of Portland. Throughout high school I was a state champion in the water polo and swim/diving teams.  I participated in track and field all four years.   I learned to lift weights while working out in the high school weight room with the football team.  The coach gave me a base workout of lunges, side bends, and lateral pulls. Besides being in sports, I also sang in the choir for eight years.


I went to a few junior colleges and universities majoring in journalism.  I left college before completion of my degree to get married and own and operate my health club facility.  This is how I began my bodybuilding career.  I t didn’t take long at all for me to win every local championship within the first year of my training.


Within a week of my first contest I was flown to New Jersey to take pictures for the magazine, Women’s Physique World.  This was the victory flag that led me to pursue the sport of bodybuilding all the way to the top ranks of the Ms. Olympia.


The following year I succeeded in the regional championships of the Pacific Coast, Portland, OR.  I went home with the Emerald Cup Championship title, Seattle, WA., one week later.


I later separated and divorced but continued to compete to place in the finals at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic.  I took a year off in 1996 to improve my muscularity and step back on stage in ’97 in hope of winning the coveted title.  My physique was at it’s best that year and the judges would have been in for a shock had  I not been injured in rear-end car collision.  I continued to train despite the pain of my neck and back.  The aggravation was so great I could not stand on the treadmill.  My exercise routine was limited and overhead lifting was difficult to impossible.  My 14h placing was a victory and unfortunately a salute of retirement from competition.  There is now a possibility, career permitting that I come back to the champion circle of competition.


With the new freedom from the rigorous training, I have launched a skyrocketing career in the TV and Movie industry.  I began in the professional wrestling organization and TV program as “Athena the Greek Goddess” for the Women of Wrestling aka. WOW.  Then right out of the gate my agent contacts me to be on the “Just Shoot Me” TV program for a cameo feature.  I went on the Jenny Jones Show and will re-appear for an upcoming episode not yet aired.  I will be on the “To Tell The Truth Show” yet to be aired and the music video for L’Burner.


I am training as hard as ever!…I train privately an exclusive clientele.  I ‘ll either train in-house or at my studio “The Beauty Shack” in Tarzana, CA.


*For appearances, private appointments or training information contact Nikki at [email protected]


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