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Welcome to the Gallery of the extremely beautiful and very muscular former American Gladiator, Bodybuilder and Actress RAYE HOLLITT!

(all pictures are used by Raye's personal permission)




Something about RAYE:


Raye Hollitt


Raye Hollitt, best known for her role as “Zap” on the hit, syndicated television show The American Gladiators, was a formidable presence for 6 seasons.


Growing up in Harvey’s Lake, Pennsylvania, where she lived until the age of 18, Raye developed her competitive spirit by participating in such sports as softball, basketball, field hockey, track and field and volleyball.  It was in 1982 that she knew where her life was leading. After moving to the mecca of bodybuilding in Venice, California, she began to pursue a bodybuilding career.  After winning the 1988 Ms. Los Angeles Bodybuilding Championships, Raye landed her first major role in the Blake Edwards hit film titled “Skin Deep” starring John Ritter.


In addition to her popularity as an American Gladiator, Raye has appeared on several television shows, namely, Blossom and Baywatch, as well as several top-name talk shows including: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,  MTV with Pauly Shore, Good Morning America, Beach House w/Jenny McCarthy, the Muppet’s Tonight Show,  Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, The Joan Rivers Show, Montel Williams, and the Jenny Jones Show.


1995 was a busy year for Raye, as she shot a 6-page celebrity pictorial for Playboy’s February 1996 issue.  Also that year, Raye was cast as Lt. Cassie Puller for the pilot of NBC’s “JAG” (Judge Advocate General) directed by Don Bellisario.  Her last film Brand X, where Raye plays a futuristic superhero will be released in the fall of 2001.  The past two and a half years has kept Raye busy with the production of her own project, Rune Sagas, the Voyages of Ryka, a series about the voyages of a female Viking warrior and her entourage.


Raye can be seen currently on UPN/Paramount’s Manhunt as Rayne, a survivor/like reality-based television show where she and two other hunters are put on a remote island and hunt down or take out 13 contestants that are vying for $250,000.00


The discipline of being a competitive bodybuilder has helped Raye to obtain and succeed at many of her goals that she set for herself.  “My motto is: ‘Believe and Achieve’.”  Her personal data reads of a true athlete standing 5 feet 7 inches tall and a toned 135 pounds.




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