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Welcome to the Gallery of the very beautiful and great muscled SABINE DOLDOURIAN!

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Some Infos about SABINE:


Name : Doldourian (Born Dambrine)
Firstname : Sabine
Born June 20, 1967 in Béthune (Pas-de-Calais)
Sign Astro : Gemini with Scorpio in the ascendant.
Size : 1m 66
Competition weight : 58Kg
Competition weight : 56-57Kg
Hair : Light brown
Eyes : hazel nut

Marital status :

married with Cédrik Doldourian, competitor himself in Bodybuilding within the IFBB.Our life is organized around our common passion of the sport and in particular around fitness and bodybuilding. This harmony has lasted now for 13 years.

Professional situation :

Project manager in a technical survey company where I am in charged of developing the electric department power.

Today, my job takes me a lot of time. I manage a team and is responsible for a turnover of several million francs. Hence, my professional requirements interfere with my training for competition. I travel regularly in France and abroad. I have long working days and I have to frequent restaurants very often for commercial obligations.

Nevertheless, I combine successfully my professional life and my sporting career.

Extra professional activities :
I follow my training in my husband’s fitness room, CAP FORME which is situated in Bruay la Buissičre (Pas-de-Calais). I also give several hours of collective courses in Abdo Fessiers, muscular reinforcement, step and stretching.

My sporting past :
During my 5 years childhood to 12 years : Gymnastics, Dance
From 12 to 18 years : Swimming, Badminton, many long-distance races
From 18 to 21 years : nothing
From 21 to today : musculation and associated disciplines.

Prize list:

Within the IFBB (With the FFHMDA and then with the AFCPF)

In 1993 Bodybuilding (-57kg category)
Third place in the Championship of France
First place in the semi-final in the North of France Championship
First place in the quaterfinal
-57 kg Bodybuilding Champion of Flanders
I also won several regional competitions : Lille, Wingles

In 1994 Bodybuilding (-57kg category)
Vice Champion of France
First place in the semi-final in the North of France
First place in the quaterfinal (couple category) : Champions of France with my husband, Cédrik.

In 1995 Bodybuilding (-57kg category)
Champion of France
Then, I stopped the competition during 5 years. It was no longer possible to concile my job and sports. Moreover, the bodybuilding judgement criteria didn’t match any longer my ambitions. It is a pity in one sport, such as it is, not to want to look like the elite. I mention the professional ones of our sport except for some. In 1998, new categories appears within the IFBB : The body fitness. The judgements integrate beauty, femininity, line and obviously muscles. One should not only resemble to a miss range. Also I have decided to start training seriously again in 1999 and my body builder assets enable me without much preparation to compete and win at the 2000 Championship of France.

In 2000 Bodyfitness (+ 1.60m category)
Champion of France in the  couple bodybuilding category : Champions of France with my husband Cédrik
Selected for the Championship of Europe in the Fitness Miss category. Within the IFBB, the bodyfitness isn’t international yet. It exists in some countries and in two or three years, we may hope competing internationally.
Miss Fitness (+1.60m category) : Championship of Europe in May, in Toremolinos (Spain). 36 countries were participating. I was placed equal 6th but ranked 7th because my routine wasn’t efficient. I lost a lot of points in my routine but from now on, I know which part of my training I have to emphasize. I think that it will take me at least one year of specific training to present a routine of an international level. World Championship in October, in Warsaw (Poland) I ranked 12th (over 33 competitors). I placed 7th in the first round but I lost again some points in my routine. Hence, I wasn’t allowed to compete in the third round (same criteria as the first round). Now, I train myself to get prepared for the 2001 Championship. I am very motivated and back from Poland, I have started training again. I know that I miss a few kilos of muscles and especially that I have to work hard my routine.

Prepared competitions :
Miss Fitness + 1.60m category
2001 Mediterranean games
2001 Championship of Europe
2001 World Championship


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