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Welcome to the Gallery of the very beautiful and muscular Bodybuilder SURY NIEVES!

(all pictures are used by Sury's personal permission)




Something about SURY:


Where and when have you been born?

I was born in Miami, Florida November 26, 1969


When was the first time that you have entered a Gym and what have been your original intentions?

It was when I started running Track in highschool I was 15 years old.


Did you want to be a Bodybuilder right from the beginning?

No but I did notice that I was stronger than most of the girls.


When did you discover your love for lifting weights?

The minute I got under the squat rack at 15.


What kind of sports did you do before lifting weights?

Track and field, soccer, volleyball, softball, badminton, tennis, martial arts, Judo, kickboxing.


When did you really start to work out as a Bodybuilder?

Shortly after highschool I signed up at Golds Gym and worked out at least 4-5 days per week.


If you don't mind would you please me something about your daily training routine?

Diet daily, read something related to health daily and train 6 days a week---focusing on legs abs , back and bicep, .. those are the areas I feel I need to improve mostly.


What is your favorite exercise in the gym and which one you don't like so much (if there is any)?

I love squats and lunges and really dislike the preacher curl.


Often people ask about max. lifts. Sure, Bodybuilding is not Powerlifting, but if you don't mind please tell me some of your best lifts.

Sqautting 225 all the way down for 10 reps and benching 165 for 6 reps.


Which bodypart is your best in your opinion?



Could you please tell me some stats (contest shape & offseason)?
Quads are 25" off season and 22.5 contest shape biceps 13.5" off season and 12.75 contest I try to get down to at least 5% for shows.


What else are you doing when you are not lifting weights or competing (your profession, hobbies, etc.)

I train a ton of clients and teach kickboxing and I also take Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do and have been taking it for 10 years.


Which contest has been the first one you have ever entered and how did you place?

The Sunshine Classic 2001 placed 1st in the heavy weight division and  then won the overall.


Which one has been the most important contest for you yet?

The USA.


Which contests have you entered so far?

The Sunshine Classic 2001, The USA 2001, The Team Universe 2001, The NGA PRO
Universe Championships 2002, The Musclemania 2002.


If you don't mind, please tell me what do you think about today's judging in Women's Bodybuilding?

Horrible because they really don't know what they want women to look like. They can either be too hard or too soft or too big or too small but they really don't know what they want or how to define femininity.


What are your future plans in Bodybuilding?

I plan to continue competing for at least another 2 years and plan on trying to compete in shows that will make me some money if I place 1st or 2nd.


I'm only available for ONE ON ONE TRAINING not domination or lift and carry or muscle worship photo shoots.




SURY's Photo Gallery:


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